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Rolling dream is a not-for profit organization based in Kristiansand, Norway, that aims to raise funds for wheelchair and mobility related projects in Guatemala and other developing countries. 100% of your donation goes directly into these projects and helps kick-start great ideas and innovation from brilliant disabled technicians. They in turn will help hundreds of others in need, in a specialized, customer-centered manner.

You can donate any amount you wish, helping us meet our milestones, or you can choose to donate for a specific part of our project. please contact us with any inquiries.


Through your donation, children like Janet will have easier access to quality equipment specially designed for them and the challenging environment they live in.


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Our short and midterm goals

The current project being developed in a collaboration between Design without Borders and the Transitions Foundation is a new, appropriate pediatric wheelchair for children with special needs. It will be modular, easy to produce and will utilize local materials and labor. Please visit our current projects page to learn more about the development of this product.

This wheelchair will be manufactured and assembled at the Transitions Foundation wheelchair workshop, by disabled technicians, developing their skills in a vocational training environment.

Like on any commercial product development cycle, the designs and ideas must be thoroughly tested and refined, in order for us to provide children with the highest quality, most useable product. The first milestone to reach is to create jigs and molds for the serial production of this wheelchair, as well as to manufacture a small test production run. This small batch will allow us to further refine the design and to establish a manufacturing model for the wheelchair.

This is where we at Rolling Dream want to request your support, helping us kick-start a production that will surely lead to helping many children, in many countries around the globe. This initial investment has been calculated to be in the order of US$20,000 and is 100% related to costs incurred in the process, without any hidden fees attached by this or any other organization.

After this initial process is completed, then Rolling dream would aid in running a long-term trial with more users, perfecting the production process and creating a more sustainable production environment for Transitions.

Afterwards our wheelchair will be certified for safety and quality , but this also requires us to invest heavily in the testing and certification processes. This is a great milestone to reach, because we would have the first product of its kind in the region to abide by international quality standards.

Become a sponsor

Your generosity makes it possible to bring mobility to previously neglected children in remote areas of the world. Rolling Dream accepts donations of all shapes and sizes. Your donations add up to make a big difference. Give the gift of mobility and join in the movement to aid those who have the biggest need.

You can make a monetary donation of any kind, or become a full-time sponsor of our project. Please contact us with any questions.

How to make a donation

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Rolling Dream
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Account No: 3910.44.73400

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Organization Number (Norway): 898-069-532