Many people help us achieve our goals along the way. In this section you will find a short description of our core work / design team. To get to know us better and pitch in, please read more about our mission and how to get involved

Management Team

Jannicke and Juan Carlos are currently working for Design without borders with Transitions Guatemala as a partner, where the main goal as industrial designers is to be a part of knowledge transfer between Design without Borders and Transitions. Through that work we have discovered that Transitions is a good and reliable foundation, and that they need funding to continue their impressive work. That is why we have started Rolling Dreams.

Jannicke Rogne

Industrial designer with experience in the off-shore industry in Norway. BA in product design (industrial and transportation) from Teesside University in Middlesborough, England. Wrote her dissertation about Design without Borders and the responsibilities of the designer.

Juan Carlos Noguera

Industrial designer with a BA from Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala city. Background in socially oriented and development projects in the areas of personal mobility and water. Has worked alongside the Transitions Foundation since 2008. Co-creator of the Intelligent Mobility International wheelchair, now being deployed in Guatemala.


 Our project partner

The Transitions foundation is a disabilities organization in Antigua Guatemala, that strives to provide service to underprivileged people who live with a disability. It runs a wheelchair workshop, a prosthetics and orthotics clinic, a special education program and other programs that benefit hundreds of people every year.

Transitions is managed by a group of highly dedicated Guatemalan leaders in the local and global disability community. Of the organization’s 28 members, over 75% are Guatemalans living with disabilities, and are thus able to provide expert advice, rehabilitation, and counseling to the people served.

Please visit the Transitions website for more information about their work

Diseñando Nuestro Futuro (Designing Our Future)

team at the Transitions Foundation

Alex Gálvez

Executive director of The Transitions Foundation, a Guatemalan organization that aims to improve the life of people living with disabilities in underprivileged areas. Alex has been an advocate and spokesperson for the rights of the physically and mentally disabled, for more than 20 years. Please visit the Transitions Foundation website for more information.

Fredy Ejcalon

Fredy has worked with Transitions since the year 2009. He studied in the National Central School of Agriculture, and is experienced in forest management. He is a highly skilled technician trained in construction, repair and welding of wheelchairs. He greatly enjoys the change one can make in the life of each patient.


Hugo Andrino

Hugo graduated from Liceo Antigueño in the year 2006. Since 1996 he worked with the Transitions Foundation, and currently is the production manager in the Transitions wheelchair workshop. Specialist in fabrication, repair and welding.


Juan Buch

Technician at the Transitions workshop since 2001, but a patient since 1998. Juanito completed his high school education in 2009. He wishes to continue helping the disabled community in Guatemala. Experienced in welding, and very proficient in design software such as photoshop and freehand.


Joel Chití

Joel completed his education in tourism in 2009. He has worked as a technician at the workshop since 2002. He works as a bench technician in fabrication and repair of prosthetics and orthotic equipment, which took him to El Salvador in 2006 to become specialized. Enjoys the service provided to people and the change they experience in their lives.