Rolling Dream is a reality…

On March 21, 2012 by Jannicke
Photo: Kjersti Gjems Vangberg

For more than a year I have been working for Design without borders with Transiciones as a partner, where the main goal as industrial designers is to be a part of knowledge transfer between Design without Borders and Transiciones. Sure, you will be affected by working in such an amazing project over time. To live in Guatemala for a longer period of time has certainly changed my perception of my life in Norway. You become very aware that it is actually pure luck that one is born in a country like Norway.

That being said, the Design without borders project have made me  realize that things can be done. Your contributions matter. I think that is the most important thing I have learned here at Transiciones. A person may, with the resources he has been assigned, be the one that truly changes the lives of someone else. It does not have to be economically vise, nor to know exactly what to do; however, wanting to help or wanting to contribut to change – that is what matters.

And that is why Rolling Dream began, because little effort can help a lot of people. We have seen the challenges that awaits the children who grow up with disabilities here in Guatemala, and we have seen what an amazing job Transiciones do to help. They see the need, and they do something about it.

I hope many other want to help set dreams into motion …..